Greetings, and welcome to Sky Bound Hops! We have been working hard for the last few years to get our hop farm up and running. In the summer of 2017 we planted 250 hop plants, and we planted another 1,300 plants in the spring of 2020. Now that we have 2 acres of Michigan Copper, Triple Pearl, and Columbus in the ground, we’re excited to watch our farm grow over the next few years!

Greg and Chelsea Jeffery


Greg is a UNL graduate with a horticulture degree and a passion for all things green and growing. His background in horticulture allows him to make informed decisions around the farm such as soil testing, applying the correct amount of fertilizer, moisture testing, identification of diseases and pests, and treatment.

Chelsea is also a graduate from UNL, however, she is in a completely different field – teaching! Outside the classroom, she is out in the hop yard training plants, controlling weeds, scouting for pests and disease, and making sure the farm runs smoothly. She also manages the communication aspects of the business.

The Team